What Is Instinct Shooting/Quick Kill?

The Father of Modern Instinct Shooting is a gentleman by the name of Bobby Lamar "Lucky" McDaniel (1925 - 1982).

While many people would call Lucky's method of shooting "Point Shooting" it is better described as precisely controlled snap shooting. Lucky developed his technique of shooting in 1954 using a sightless BB gun. Lucky trained mainly Law Enforcement Officers and Bird Hunters. Many of his clients were well-known personages during that time: ex-President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Henry Ford II, John Wayne, Audie Murphy, and key executives of the Remington and Winchester firearms companies.

Lucky further developed his shooting technique into what would be called Quick Kill and introduced it to the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War (See what LTG Caldwell has to say about Quick Kill training for his soldiers when he was a Brigade Commander during the Vietnam War). Mr. Rutland began traveling with Lucky during this time frame helping to instruct Quick Kill.

Instinct Shooting/Quick Kill is a very simple concept that can be taught in a short time. If you point your finger on your "master eye" side you are aligned with the object at which you are pointing. You do not look at your finger when you point. You look at the object.

As soon as you lock on the target with your eyes you can shoot. You must TRUST your GOD given ability to point and focus. These methods of shooting are fast, accurate, and simple. When a target appears at close range your success for engaging that target depends on speed and reaction combined with accuracy. In the case of Quick Kill training, your survival DEPENDS on it!!!

These methods of shooting is all about FOCUS! The shooter laser focusing on the target is the major key to this technique!! With the firearm locked on the chin under the "master eye", focusing on a specific point on a target and not the sights, all you need do is pull the trigger and you will HIT your target! Even though you eye is about 2 inches above the firearm, you are still aligned with the target.

The BB gun training is used because it is an effective and inexpensive training tool, plus you can see the BB going to the target just like a tracer.

The Quick Kill training is a simple combat skill to be used when speed and accuracy are needed for close quarters combat. Used in LOW LIGHT with multiple MOVING targets, Quick Kill CAN and HAS SAVED LIVES! It is the fastest target acquisition of all methods of shooting.

The Method

DOMINANT EYE: The first thing to do is to identify the shooter's dominant (master) eye side.


With head erect, stock slightly under your arm, muzzle right under dominant eye bring the firearm smoothly to your chin. Look over the weapon with 100% FOCUS on the TARGET!


Stand comfortable with feet spread slightly and slightly lean toward target. Move your body with the target.


All your focus is scanning for the target. When the target is seen, hard focus on a specific part of the target. laser focus in on that point and look at it intently. As the target is identified, the firearm is mounted smoothly with a left jab toward the target if the shooter is right handed, and a right jab if left handed. Go straight to the target. NEVER TAKE YOUR EYES OFF OF THE TARGET! Take the target out and go to the next target, laser focus on it and take it out. You find the target with soft focus (scanning) and then hard focus on a spot on the target for engagement. As soon as the firearm hits the chin you can fire.