Welcome to Instinct Shooting and Quick Kill. Our Web Site is the extention of Rutland's Instinct Shooting.

Our Mission: To Enable Every Trainee To Transition From Their God-given Pointing
Ability To Precision Snap Shooting In Close Quarters Combat or Hunting Situations.

Our method is a proven technique of shooting that has been tested not only by hunters in the fields, or by competitors shooting in shotgun competitions, but also on the battlefield as it has been utilized by the Soldiers fighting on the front-lines in the Global War on Terrorism and defending our freedoms!

 young hunter                   
The Skills of Instinct Shooting are not just for the more experienced shooter. Young aspiring hunters can learn to shoot instinctively and safely with our proven training methods, as evidenced by this young lady on her first quail hunt after having received instinct shooting instruction.
young hunter2