This is what some of the folks who have received Instinct Shooting - Quick Kill training have to say about the program and Mr. Rutland's instruction:

"This is the best close quarters combat training I have ever seen....I believe this "Instinct Shooting" technique provide a substantial force multiplier advantage to the Infantry Soldier with a service rifle." (See Lt. Gen Caldwell's entire letter)
      ~ William B. Caldwell III, Lt. Gen (US Army Retired)

"Just wanted to thank you for the terrific "Instinct Shooting Lesson". There is tremendous application from what you taught me that we can apply to our military training." (See Maj. Gen Caldwell's entire letter)
      ~ William B. Caldwell IV, Maj. Gen (Commanding Officer 82nd Airborne Div, 2005)

"We found this training to be highly effective and accurate.......After completion of the Quick Kill instruction we found that our accuracy had increased."
      ~ Phillip J. Kiniery, CPT, Infantry, US Army

"The Instinctive Shooting instruction will greatly enhance the combat effectiveness for all Soldiers, thus increasing their survivability on battlefield....Sustain and increase this training.  Our Warfighters will definitely benefit from it.
     ~ Kenneth R. Katzenberg, SFC USA, 97th MP Bn

"As the newest Infantry Brigade Combat Team in the United States Army, the training you have provided will ensure this unit can reach combat readiness in the shortest time possible."
     ~ Jim Champagne, CSM USA, 4th IBCT, 1st ID

"The training conducted by Mr. James Rutland of the Instinctive Shooting School is probably one of the best schools I have had the privilege to attend in over 17 years in the United States Army! It was insightful, entertaining, and will no doubt help to save soldiers lives, which is the main reason we as senior leaders NEED to get this training back to the soldiers. "
     ~ Michael W. Wright, SFC USA, 4th IBCT, 1st ID, Master Gunner

"For Close Quarter Marksmanship this is the best thing going."
     ~ Corbett L. Whitmore, 1SG USA, 4th IBCT, 1st ID

"I truly believe that this type of training should be integrated into the Airborne and Infantry Brigades quick fire drills when they visit the range on the home station. It will save lives in battle"
     ~ Allen J. Leonard, SFC USA, 2007 Best Ranger Competition Coach, 2006 13th Place Competitor

"Each of us has shown improvement with our shooting and would highly recommend Mr. Rutland's expertise to anyone interested in improving their shooting skills. I believe this training could save the life of a soldier called to battle."
     ~ Gerald L. Nelson, SFC USA, 2005 Best Ranger Competition Winner, 2006 Best Ranger Competition Coach

"It's the most bizarre shooting lesson you'll ever experience. But it's the most exhilarating, too. At first, it makes no sense. Then after a few minutes, it seems so simple you wonder why you never thought of it. The technique is called "instinct shooting." And though instructor James Rutland's claims may sound ridiculously bold, they're every bit as accurate as he is with a firearm.

Rutland's students often take the skills he teaches onto the dove fields or into the duck blinds for more successful hunts. Many take the skills to skeet and clay shooting competitions. Some even take home the broken pieces of aspirin from their triumphs in Rutland's crash course. But they all take home a new sense of self-confidence."
     ~ Excerpted from the August 2004 Ledger-Enquirer Article by Bryan Brasher