Jame RutlandInstinct Shooting Instructor James Rutland has been teaching Instinct Shooting to bird hunters, law enforcement officers, and individuals interested in self-defense since the 1980's. James was trained by and worked for many years with Mr. Bobby Lamar "Lucky" McDaniel, the Father of Instinct Shooting and the Developer of the Quick Kill method of shooting. James is the ONLY Instinct Shooting Instructor that Lucky McDaniel endorsed to instruct his methods.

As Lucky was teaching Quick Kill to the U.S. Army in the 1960's, James began traveling with Lucky in 1967 and they both worked for General Mitchell Worbell III at Cobray International, Inc, as counter-terrorism specialists.

In July 1992, James was approached by MAJ Carl Poston about the Quick Kill program. The training in the U.S. Army had fallen by the way side within the main stream Army after Vietnam. James spent two days at Ft. Benning teaching MAJ Poston the Quick Kill method. He had been sent by a General officer to look into this training since during the Gulf War soldiers were not able to hit moving targets. At that time, MAJ Poston was the skeet coach for the Army reserve and is in the Skeet Hall of Fame. They came to the conclusion that using the Quick Kill method with a shotgun would save a lot of soldier's lives and greatly increase the hit percentage in urban warfare. Remember, the SHOTGUN was designed for MOVING targets, and people who are shooting and being shot at in room to room and house to house combat are MOVING QUICKLY! This new improved Quick Kill proved to be effective with rifle, pistol, and especially the shotgun.

However, the mainstream Army was still not responsive to the wide-spread adoption of this training method.

In 2004 James started his business of Rutland's Instinct Shooting primarily for quail and duck hunters. Finally, in 2005 Retired Lt. Gen. William Bl Caldwell III, took a shooting lesson from James. He was a Commander in Vietnam and his troops has used Quick Kill. During the lesson James taught him his New Improved Quick Kill. Gen. Caldwell was excited about using New Improved Quick Kill for close quartes combat and contacted his son, Major Gen. William B. Caldwell IV (Commanding General of the 82nd Airborne Division), who received Quick Kill and Instinct Shooting training in March 2005. this started the re-emergence of Quick Kill training in the Army today. Since then, James has trained many top ranking officers and senior non-commissioned officers as trainers from Ft. Bragg and Ft. Riley as well as General Yarbrough from Ft. Benning. He has also trained competitors for the Best Ranger Competition at Ft. Benning in 2006 and 2007.

James Rutland graduated from the University of Georgia where he ran track, was school record holder in the High Jump, SEC Champion, and third in the nation in the Decathlon. he received two advanced degrees from Georgia State University. He taught school and coached in Atlanta, Columbus, and Ft. Benning, Georgia for over 40 years. James competes in state, region, and national shooting competitions. He shoots in the Master Class and has medaled numerous times in both pistol and shotgun.